When it comes to overhead athletes such as baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, football quarterbacks shoulder and elbow injuries get a lot of media attention. Meanwhile, injuries of the neck, back, abdominals, hip/thigh, knee, lower leg, foot/ankle get a lot less attention. These sports involve the entire body and it is important to not ignore the rest of the body. In fact, dysfunction elsewhere in the body is often a contributing factor to shoulder and elbow injuries.

I have just posted the first blog in my new series "Don't Forget About Me!!" where I address these other less commonly talked about injuries in overhead athletes. These are much read articles for all athletes and active individuals, whether you are currently dealing with an injury or looking to reduce your risk of future injuries.



Dr. Kirbach is excited to announce that he is now taking clients at Athletic Training Institue (ATI) in Bellevue, WA.

ATI is an elite training facility located less than 10 minutes from downtown Bellevue. ATI has a long history of working with elite high school, college, and professional athletes in the MLB, MLS, NBA.

ATI is located at 12021 Northup Way, Bellevue, WA 98005. To learn more about ATI visit today.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kirbach at ATI please call 425-200-5330

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Are you an athlete struggling to recover from an injury?

Are you looking to maximize your performance in your sport?

Have you tried other rehab programs in the past without success?

Are you or your child an overhead athlete and fed up with therapists who do not intimately understands the demands of your sport?

Tired of being told simply "to rest" and being on the disabled list for weeks or months?

Kirbach Physical Therapy can help!

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Dr. Kirbach shares his Top 6 Strategies for Reducing Pitching Injuries

Dr. Kirbach shares his Pitch Count and Inning Tracking Spreadsheet!

Easily monitor pitching load throughout the season to avoid season-ending injuries with this easy to use spreadsheet


Kirbach Physical Therapy is excited to announce a new partnership with Athletic Training Institute (ATI) in Bellevue, WA off Northup Way! Dr. Kirbach is now accepting new clients at ATI for rehabilitation, sports performance training, personal training, and weight loss management.

Call 425-200-5330 today to schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation at ATI!

Kirbach Physical Therapy also offers concierge services for today’s busy professional, parent, or teenager in the comfort of your own home or office. We can also meet at local sport fields or complexes.

Currently serving the following areas for in-person concierge services:

Seattle, Shoreline, Montklake Terrace, Bothell, Kenmore,

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