Return to Pitching Program

What If I Told You That Pitching Is About MORE Than Your Shoulder Or Elbow?

As a former pitcher who grew up with a father and brother who have both suffered from chronic shoulder and elbow issues affecting their ability to throw, I have strong understanding of the importance of a comprehensive and complete rehabilitation program. One thing I remember in regards to their own injuries, but also what I was told about preventing my own injuries, was that it was all about the shoulder. All everyone talked about is how important as a pitcher it is to do a million rotator cuff and scapular strengthening exercises. Making the vulnerable tissue(s) stronger through strengthening exercises. Makes sense right?

It was not until my 3rd year of PT school at the University of Southern California during our advanced orthopedic classes that I finally learned how wrong that advice was. I learned how over 50% of all the kinetic energy used to throw a baseball is generated in the legs, and a loss of this energy requires a disproportional increase in either muscle mass or velocity produced that the shoulder. I learned that many throwers with labral tears in their shoulder FAILED single leg stability testing. There is so much more to pitching than just a shoulder. That is why I created the “Return to Pitching Program”.


90-minute Full-Body Evaluation

    • Full assessment of the upper extremity to determine the source of your elbow and/or shoulder pain

    • Full assessment of lower extremity range of motion, strength, speed and power, and balance to find any weak links that could be contributing to future injury risk

    • Full assessment of trunk mobility and power to ensure optimal transmission of kinetic energy from the legs into the shoulder and arm

    • An individualized treatment program will be designed and implemented on Day 1

Individualized, Progressive, 4-Phase Rehabilitation Program

    • Phase 1: Pain Management

      • Dr. Kirbach will help teach you strategies to modulate and manage your pain at home to get you out of pain and moving better as quickly as possible

    • Phase 2: Movement Retraining

      • Once we have addressed any significant pain and mobility issues we will work with you on addressing any faulty movement patterns or movement control issues in order to build a strong foundation

    • Phase 3: Resiliency

      • The focus of this phase is to reduce the chances of this ever happening again in the future

    • Phase 4: Return to Sport

      • During this final phase the return to throwing program is introduced and exercises are designed in a sport-specific manner that incorporates the whole body

Coordination with pitching coaches, team coaches, personal trainers

    • Dr. Kirbach goes the extra mile to collaborate and coordinate with all parties involved in the success of your pitching career

Individualized, Custom Programming

    • You will work 1-on-1 with Dr. Kirbach, who understands the unique demands pitching places on the human body

BONUS Features:

  • Two-view slow-motion video analysis of your pitching mechanics broken down by phase that will include detailed descriptions of abnormal movement patterns and potential consequences backed up by the latest research.

  • Progressive criteria-based return to throwing program that is easy to follow and complete all on your own!

  • Unlimited email support and weekly phone calls (optional) to review progress and answer any specific questions